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While ZonnenBoxen took a little break, we were still working. . .

Ann Elkington

Although not always visible or blog-worthy, ZonnenBoxen®  has been working away these past few months.

After a couple of frustrating experiences with potential manufacturers, a new fabricator has been identified ---the awesome Acrylonics Inc in San Jose, CA. We currently await a prototype cube which will confirmthis company's high level of craftsmanship.

Most exciting of all, perhaps, is that a friend of ZonnenBoxen® recently connected us to Snoezelen Multi-sensory Environments ( MSEs)

The concept of SNOEZELEN was defined in the late 1970s by two Dutch therapists, Jan Hulsegge and Ad Verheul while they were working at the De Hartenberg Institute in The Netherlands. They proved that environments which spoke to particular senses, especially for clients with limited verbal function, are stimulating while still being calming.  The therapists called this multi-sensory experience “snoezelen,” a contraction of the Dutch verbs “snuffelen” (to seek out or explore) and “doezelen” (to relax). Colored light is one of the key elements of Snoezelen, shown to capture the attention, calm and soothe persons of all ages and abilities. This work validates what ZonnenBoxen®have been doing for everyone who uses them!  While the Snoezelen MSEs are environments,  ZonnenBoxen®are participatory, which gives the user total control over how he or she chooses to interact with them.