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A Curious Occurence. . .

Ann Elkington

The first  ZonnenBoxen® blog post of 2016. 

My accountant has her practise in a group; sunny, light filled offices give on to an open common work space. The individual office doors are almost always open, both for light and for the doing of the daily business.

My accountant placed the ZonnenBoxen®  she bought on the window sill in her office to best catch the light. What she is finding, after leaving then returning to the office, is that the ZonnenBoxen®  are often in slightly different placements and in a different order from where she last put them. Apparently, sitting in the bright window and glowing as they do, my accountant’s colleagues are drawn to the ZonnenBoxen®  as they pass her office, and almost cannot help themselves: they must go to touch and play with them.

I invented them and yet even I cannot explain how or why their colored glow is so irresistibly alluring. . . .but it is. 


Stay tuned, more blog posts to come.