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At Petco

Ann Elkington

Right. You are wondering what a visit to Petco has to do with ZonnenBoxen®.  I went to buy cat litter. As I walked down toward where it is, I passed a bin of dog toys. Those squishy balls made of transparent colored plastic of some sort, covered with little flexible points. They come in a variety of sizes, to match dog sizes. They come in a hot pink, light cobalt blue, a bright citrus green and a purple.   The blue is the most transparent . . .and was the most bought. There were only one or two blues left and large amounts of the other colors remaining in the bin. I held a biggish blue one up to the window; although it didn't glow like ZonnenBoxen®, the blue light coming through this silly dog toy was every bit as compelling as the blue ZonnenBoxen® or blue stained glass. That blue, its almost magical. Everybody is captivated by it.