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A Curious Occurance Part 2

Ann Elkington

My accountant, mentioned in the previous post, has now been observing more closely the ways in which the blocks are being moved about on her window sill. While not one of her colleagues has actually 'fessed up to going into her office in her absences and playing with them, she has gotten some indirect questions: "What are they made of?", "Where did you get them?" and the like.  Last week, as an experiment, she pushed and stacked them like bricks, to create a solid little wall. She noticed that, while a few blocks would be slightly out of skew, the arrangement remained basically intact throughout the week. 

Of course, this being April, it is crazy time for accountants, many of them will be working well into the evenings for the next couple of weeks.  My accountant has now created a new, looser arrangement of the blocks which she has photographed with her phone. She is going to document the blocks daily and see how they get shifted around. After the 15th, she will send share these with me to post here. If nothing else, it will be fun to see how they get shifted about..  Stay tuned.