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Greek Worry Beads. . .and other smooth things.

Ann Elkington

κομπολόι, or Kompoloi. Greek worry beads.

Often in rich blues, they have been used by the Greeks for centuries to deflect and relieve stress and tension.

Amethyst Greek Worry Beads

Amethyst Greek Worry Beads

Beads or not, objects that feel smooth and satiny are calming. Soft touches to our skin are caresses, whether this soft touch is from another person, a soft wind, the finest fabric, gentle water, the silky fur of an animal friend.  Children have "bankies" or soft stuffed animals to comfort them.   Smooth, rounded stones have this soothing quality, as does beach glass.

The feel of ZonnenBoxen® blocks is similarly enticing. Merely looking at them, they don't seem as if they could feel any different from any other blocks, but once touched. . ..well, everybody loves holding them, just as they do the smoothest stones.