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Great Changes are Coming to ZonnenBoxen !

Ann Elkington

At the beginning, we worked long and hard to find the right carrying pouch/case for ZonnenBoxen®  .  Eventually, we decided upon the neat little mesh zip art supplies bag pictured around this site.

However, we have since discovered that most buyers don't use it after they first receive and open the package.  Along with this discovery came an observation of the sets and sizes that are predominantly being purchased.

We've made some dramatic changes based on this user information, changes which have enabled us to really reduce prices. . .which we are passing on to our customers!

The zip bag will now be an optional purchase and we are creating fewer numbers of different   sets though we've eliminated no actual block sizes or colors. ( New colors are also being added soon).

Our fantastic website team at Fire& will be incorporating these changes to the website. We'll be announcing the new prices and sets on the social media.  Bear with us and stay tuned!!