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Big Changes Coming to ZonnenBoxen!


what we're up to, etc. 

Big Changes Coming to ZonnenBoxen!

Ann Elkington

Over the last year or so, we at ZonnenBoxen have been quietly working behind the scenes: assessing what colors and sizes needed change, fine-tuning shapes and finishes etc. But the biggest change is the addition of a ZonnenBoxen checkers set. Named ZBKings by our Board Member, Raymond Ocampo Jr, it is amazing! The checkers themselves glow while the matte + glossy board reflects the colors of the pieces. A regular order will be our selection  for you, while a custom order will allow your choice of board and checkers colors. It is beautiful enough to be not merely an enjoyable game, but a glowing objet d'art to be displayed. It will soon be available to order on the site; you can currently view it on the GALLERY page.